Learn More About Mitsubishi Diamond Care Roadside Assistance

November 05 2014, Markham Mitsubishi

Learn More About Mitsubishi Diamond Care Roadside Assistance

When it comes to wintertime driving in the Northeast, no one can do it alone. Even planes were helpless against last year's polar vortex; the most robust winter tires won't save you in 70+km/hr wind and -40°C temperatures. Imagine this: You are en route to your family's holiday gathering, and you get a flat tire. You're unable to get out of the car because of the deep freeze; or, the frigidity has made it impossible to start your car. In this manifestation of "worst case scenario," what can one do?

Enter Mitsubishi's Diamond Care Roadside Assistance. Protecting you and your car from surprise accidents or long-term wear and tear, the package is a complimentary extension of the meticulous care Mitsubishi puts into each vehicle. You might feel alone on the road, but when leasing or buying a Mitsubishi car, help is never far behind.

In accordance to our consideration of all sorts of budgets, driving habits, and buying styles, the Diamond Care Plan comes in a variety of packages ranging from five to ten years (or 160,000 - 200,000km). Its coverage includes total replacement or repair with only genuine Mitsubishi parts-ensuring that your car's operations runs smoothly-and concierge services that guide you from the simplest Q&As to mechanical breakdown. No matter how harried you might be feeling, trust Mitsubishi to provide help with a personal touch.

Simply dial 1-888-576-4878 and have your ownership ready. In light of needed assistance, Mitsubishi's dedicated customer care department will ask you for the registered name on ownership, the last 6-8 digits of your VIN, exact location, and contact number.

If you've been in a crash, remain calm and call. If towing is required, remember to request the destination at Markham Mitsubishi. Your home dealership is where you'd find your best-backed team for your Mitsubishi vehicle. Safe driving!